jsc- High level interface for webkit-javascriptcore

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This package provides an EDSL for calling JavaScript code using the JavaScriptCore engine and low level Haskell bindings in the webkit-javascriptcore library https://github.com/ghcjs/webkit-javascriptcore.



The JSC monad gives us the context for evaluation. In keeping with JavaScript the EDSL has

  • Weakish typing - type classes are used to convert to JSValueRef and JSObjectRef types
  • Strict evaluation - function in the JSC monad can be passed in place of a value and will evaluated and converted to JSValueRef or JSObjectRef and then passed on to JavaScript

JSC should be used to write wrappers for JavaScript libraries that provide more type safety.

Code Examples

The code examples in this documentation are executed with a runjs function that executes the example code in the JSC monad and converts the result to Text with valToText. It also catches unhandled exceptions with catch. The source code can be found in tests/TestJSC.hs

Where it makes sense code examples are given in two forms. One that uses eval to run a purely JavaScript version and one that uses more of the JSC EDSL feature being demonstated.

Calling Haskell from JavaScript

You can call back into haskell from JavaScript using fun to convert a Haskell function in the JSC monad into a javascript value.

JMacro Support

If you want a more JavaScript like syntax we also have a JMacro based QuasiQuoter evalJM. This converts your JMacro code into a string literal and a call to eval to evaluate it using JavaScriptCore.

GHCJS Support

Because it uses webkit-javascriptcore you can compile your JSC code to JavaScript using GHCJS https://github.com/ghcjs/ghcjs and run it in a web browser. Calls to the WebKitGTK+ JavaScriptCore C functions will be replaced with JavaScript function calls.